I am not a member of the church but would like to get married here...

So you are not registered and participating in the life of this parish community...  We can still most likely accommodate you, but you must arrange for your own Catholic clergy to perform the service, and it will cost a little bit more than if you were an active memeber.  

Here is what you have to do:
1)  Find a priest or deacon to marry you!  Only a Catholic priest or deacon can schedule your wedding here!  Why?!?  Because everyone who gets married in the Catholic Church has to go through an initial inverview and paperwork process to determine your freedom to get married in the church.   Most likely, that priest or deacon will want to get together with you for an interview before they will set the date.

2)   The priest or deacon can then contact us to set the date.  He should contact "Weddings Inquiries" by calling 412-381-0212 ext 103 or emailing weddings@smomp.org 

Please Note:  Due to the number of weddings and phone calls and emails we receive, we ask that only the bride, groom, or the clergy celebrating your wedding contact our office with inquires about wedding matters.