Wedding Music

If you are reading this page, you are most likely getting married at Saint Mary of the Mount in the upcoming months. The music ministry at Saint Mary of the Mount is a vibrant, young ministry, filled with musicians who provide music for every wedding liturgy here. 

As you begin your wedding planning, please keep these noteworthy thoughts in mind regarding your wedding music:

  1. 1. Your wedding is a Sacrament. As with all sacramental celebrations in the church, it is our responsibility to maintain the principles set forth in the Church's Documents on the Liturgy, as well as those outlined in the Diocese of Pittsburgh's ‘Music for the Wedding Ritual: A Guide for Planning'. Music during the public celebration of the Sacrament must be that which befits the Church's teachings, and must be perceived as prayer. 
  1. Your musicians are conduits of prayer! Whether it is a string trio, a trumpet player, a guest vocalist or the organist herself, every musician is praying through music at your wedding. We strive to maintain a high level of integrity for every wedding here and are eager to supply many musical options to set a sacred, beautiful backdrop for your special day.
  1. Since your wedding is a Sacrament and is celebrated as such in the Catholic Church, all music before, during and after your wedding in Saint Mary of the Mount Church must be sacred music.  This means no pop music, movie soundtrack music, Broadway show tunes, and any other genre of music that would not be incorporated into a typical Catholic mass. If you have any question as to a certain song is church-appropriate, feel free to contact Amanda Bruce, the Director of Music, at 
  1. You do not need to find an organist, vocalist, string quartet, etc. on your own! Your wedding musicians will initially consist of an organist/pianist and a vocalist, both from Saint Mary of the Mount Parish. Any additional instruments that you may desire can be contracted through the Director of Music about three to four months prior to your wedding. If you have a musician that you have already contracted for your wedding music, please inform the Director of Music within the calendar year of your wedding date. 
  1. The Wedding Rehearsal which you've scheduled through our Wedding Coordinator (usually the day before your wedding) is not a rehearsal for musicians. Any musical rehearsals will be scheduled at separate times. Furthermore, you- the bride and groom- will not need to attend these rehearsals. They are the musicians’ responsibility only!
  1. The Director of Music will contact you three to four months ahead of time.  If you have any questions whatsoever before this time frame, feel free to contact Amanda Bruce, the Director of Music, at or 412-381-0212 x. 105. 

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