Small Discipleship Group


When Christ started his ministry, he did not do it alone. Likewise, we can not expect to live out our faith as an individual. A community functioning to support one another is a necessary component of living out God's call for love of all his people. Loving, supporting, and caring for one another within our own communities is the first step in becoming a vessel of the same radical love that God bestows upon us. Forming small communities within our parish, we seek to provide resources for this spiritual growth and assist in facilitating a community of intentional disciples whose effects will be felt far beyond the bounds of our church. 

Current Groups on Offer:

  • Group Type: East End, led by Krysia Vila-Roger
  • Group Type: Liturgical Ministers, led by Sr. Barbara Finch
  • Group Type: Men, led by Ian Wilson
  • Group Type: Women, led by Holly Mohr
  • Group Type: Young Adults (20s and 30s), led by Alex Brennsteiner

To register for a Small Discipleship Group, please contact Holly Mohr at 412-381-0212 ext. 106 or