Race Relations - one of our local missions

Different color hands circling the world

For a list of educational opportunities in our parish for race relations click here
Why Race Relations?

There are many core issues underlying many of the difficulties society is facing today.  One of them is Race Relaxations.  All people are made in the image and likeness of God, and are redeemed by the self-giving love of Christ.   This gives every person, race and culture inherent dignity.  Yet, most of us struggle with the real or perceived differences of those from other races and cultures.  

In order to live our Parish Value of "Cultivate transformation of the local community and the world..." we have chosen to learn and pray about, address, and get involved in these issues going on inside of ourselves and the world around us concerning race relations. 

Our parish is beginning by growing our partnership with Gwen’s Girls.  This partnership was begun by our Young Adult Ministry and is now growing to the entire parish.  In October the executive direct Kathi Elliot, daughter of the founder Gwen Elliot, came and spoke at all of our weekend masses about the mission and programs of Gwen’s Girls.  Our Mission Committee and Young adults have been helping provide meals, tutoring, interaction and mentoring for the young girls.  To learn more about the mission of Gwen’s Girls click here

Another important aspect of addressing race relations is education.  We are providing several opportunities to go deeper into our understanding - including a Lenten Mission Retreat to learn more about race relation and our faith.   For educational opportunities in our parish click here

To join the Mission Committee or Young Adult Ministry for their next visit to Gwen’s Girls contact Holly Mohr click here