Parish Pastoral Plan 2016 - 2019

Background and Context

This strategic plan is an invitation to all who attend St. Mary of the Mount Parish (SMOMP) and/or are touched by its services. We invite you to more fully and actively embrace the values that define us, and to open up new horizons for the Church’s life.

This plan was formed so we could better understand the needs of our parish, and to anticipate the opportunities that lie before us in our future. Over the last 2 1⁄2 years, the SMOMP Pastoral Council has crystalized our six values, invited all parishioners to complete a survey, conducted a spatial study, and reviewed a demographic study of Mt. Washington and our registered parishioners.

This plan was developed with that data and with vital input from the Parish Finance Council, the Deaf Council, SMOMP staff and priests, SMOMP alumni and the extensively helpful suggestions that came through the parish survey.

Some parts of this Pastoral Plan are already occurring; other parts will emerge over the next three years. All activities that come from this plan are intended to bring us closer to Christ and to one another. We are “called to be a beacon of God’s Light,” and we are excited and proud to walk this journey with you.

Sincerely ,
St. Mary of the Mount Pastoral Council January 2016

Image Explanation  - This image above as well as in the link below is a snapshot of our plan.  It is easy to follow, aided by color-coordinated information. The Six Values, which we adopted a few years ago, are represented in gold, whereas the specific goals identified through our planning process are found in blue.  Please see the link to the goals, as well as plan details, by clicking on the links below.  

To see the Goals - click here! 

Plan Details - Addtional information, suggusted methods of implementation, and target completion dates - click here!