Safe Environment for children

Our parish, the Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Church as a whole have been educating people about child abuse and ensuring that those who work or volunteer in the church go through basic clearances.

Honestly, this process can be as tedious as it is necessary.  Please start with our Checklist and Instructions to get an overall view of the process.   All the information and necessary links will be in this Checklist.  Alternatively, you can see the individual documents and links below.   

Every Volunteer must complete the Diocesan Database, take the Protecting God's Children Class, as well has have Criminal Clearance, Child Abuse Clearances, and FBI Finger Printing or Waiver.  If you are an employee or have direct contact with children, there is the additional requirement of and Mandated Reporter Training.   

Checklist and Instructions for our parish click here
To begin or return to the diocesan Safe Environment Database click here


Further Instructions, Documents and Links 

  • Checklist and Instructions for our parish click here
  • Instruction how to register and begin the process for Diocesan Database click here
  • Child Abuse Clearance Form and Consent Release click here
  • Waiver - If you have lived in Pennsylvania for over 10 years, and are eligible to sign the Waiver for FBI Finger Printing - print, sign, and then return it to the the parish offices and the Safe Environment Coordinator click here
  • FBI Fingerprinting - If you are an employee, or have lived less then 10 year in Pennsylvania and must be fingerprinted - Register and go to and IdentoGo location.  Click here and enter the Diocesan Code: 1KG756
  • Protecting God's Children Classes - sign up for a live class click here or take a class online click here
  • Mandated Reporter Training/classes for employees and those with direct contact with children - sign up for live training/classes click here or take training online click here.   For a list of the volunteer ministries that require Mandated Reporter Training click here