Each team is vital in our Keep the Light Shining II Campaign!  Whether you’ve chosen to plan our signature event, write grant proposals or seek money from individuals and businesses in the Mt. Washington community, you are letting your light shine as you do important work to help raise funds that will let us turn our dream of a parish center into a reality. The following information will help each team to mobilize.  You’ll see fundraising goals as well as important considerations to take into account.  Each team is charged with developing a strategy and tactical plan to raise money.  The Parish Finance Council will approve the overall strategy submitted by each team to ensure that the approach under consideration is congruent with the goals set forth.  Council will provide feedback and approve team project budgets.  Marketing materials will be available and public relations efforts will provide a helpful backdrop to the teams’ efforts.

Event Team

Goal:  Create a “signature event” that spans the Catholic and secular segments of the Pittsburgh community to raise $450,000. The event can include any combination of attractions, including food and entertainment.  This high profile event will elevate the cause and garner donations from individual and corporate donors.

The team is charged with identifying an event concept, establishing a budget, obtaining sponsorships, locating a venue, promoting and producing the event. 

Grant Team

Goal:  Prepare proposals to various foundations and endowments in the quest for $300,000 in aggregate grant monies.  Strategically identify the best sources and portray our project for most favorable consideration with each one.

The team is charged with identification of the most lucrative grant sources and the best depiction of our project in the context of each organization’s funding requirements.  Follow-up presentations may be necessary. 

Focus should likely encompass these types of funding sources:  Corporate, public, green/sustainability, historic, non-profit, musical, educational, ministry-related, i.e., Deaf Community, etc. 

Grants can involve naming rights for various elements of the parish center as well as the building itself and surrounding plaza.  Some naming rights have been claimed.  A complete listing will be available.

Mt. Washington Community Team

Goal:  Strategize effective outreach to the businesses and individual residents of Mt. Washington for a cumulative $250,000 in donations. 

The team is charged with soliciting the stakeholders of Mt. Washington. Target markets should include revisiting parishioners who did not originally contribute, alumni of Bishop Leonard Saint Mary of the Mount, as well as residents and businesses.