Joining our parish 

Joining is a way connecting more deeply to the community, a way of living stewardship - sharing time, talent and treasure for the greater glory of God and the transformation of the world.  It is not just about giving us your data so we can put you in our database and know you somehow exist :)   

There are three ways to begin the process of joining our parish:

  1. Online - click here
  2. Speak to a member of the parish staff - call the parish office 10:00AM-3:00PM  Monday - Friday at 412-381-0212 ext. 102 and say, "I want to join!'  
  3. Fill out a card located in the church - drop it into the collection basket at a weekend Mass or into the mail 

What I can expect once I begin to join?    

  • Expect a letter and information about our parish in the mail  
  • Expect a call from one of our parish members or staff to welcome you, answer any questions, and help you and engage more fully in parish life 
  • Expect to be invited to join other new members at a welcome event

Stewardship Considerations  

How do i share my treasure and support the parish financially?  

  • Electronic giving - To learn more about online giving  click here
  • Receiving envelopes to put in the collection baskets at Mass - To receive envelopes, simply share this when you join.  Envelopes will then arrive to you in the mail within a month or so 

How do i share my Time and Talent?

There are may ways, opportunities and ministries to share your time and talent... but before asking how, it is import to ask what are my talents and what time can I offer!   See below - "I AM INTERESTED..."

I am interested in being invovled in one of our ministries or missions of the parish! 

It is not just about volunteering!  It is important for you to personally and prayerfully consider your gifts, the gifts the Holy Spirit has given you, and how, when and where you can best share who you are and what you have been given to help build the Kindgom of God!  If you have prayfully considered that you would like to join one of the ministries or missions of the parish (many of which you can find under the "Ministy" tab on this website), please contact the parish offices so we can have the ministry leader reach out to you.