How to's

If you want to know how to have some typical needs and requests met in our parish, this is the place for you.  Please see topics listed below: 

How do I obtain a sponsor letter?

For parishioners of Saint Mary of the Mount obtaining a sponsor letter is a phone call away. Call the receptionist (not Father or the office manager) at 412-381-0212 X102 and provide the following information: 

  • Sponsor’s name
  • Sponsor’s address
  • The sacrament for which the sponsor letter is needed (Baptism or Confirmation).

The sponsorship letters must be signed by the sponsor, so they cannot be mailed directly to the parish where the Baptism / Confirmation will take place.  The sponsor letters are processed as received and may take up to two weeks to complete.  Please, plan accordingly when requesting these documents.

How do I schedule a Baptism? (for a child)

Things you need to know before you schedule a Baptism:

  • Baptisms are offered on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month except December after the 11:30 Mass. Baptisms may also be scheduled during 5:00PM Saturday or 9:30AM and 11:30AM Mass on most Sundays.
  • One of the two Godparents must be a practicing Catholic (someone who can obtain a sponsor letter from their parish which states they are a practicing Catholic). 
  • The parents of the child being Baptized need to attend a Saint Mary of the Mount baptism class. To register for the class, or with questions, please contact Holly Mohr at 412-381-0212 ext. 106 or If you have taken the class within three years this does not apply.

To schedule a Baptism, call the parish receptionist at 412-381-0212 x102 and provide the following information:

  1. The Baptism date  (we only baptize five children a Sunday, plan early)
  2. Name of the Child 
  3. Child’s Date and Place of Birth
  4. Father’s Name
  5. Mother’s Maiden Name
  6. Godparent One
  7. Godparent Two

The Catholic Godparents will need to provide Sponsor letters to Saint Mary of the Mount two weeks prior to the Baptism. The letters may be sent to or dropped off at the parish offices.

How do I join Saint Mary of the Mount Parish?

There are two ways to join SMOMP

  • Join using our website - click here
  • Join by calling the parish receptionist at 412-381-0212 x102. Please call between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. if you wish to speak to the receptionist or you may also call this number at any time and leave a message with your information. Provide your name, address and phone number. Please, do not call Father or the office manager with this administrative request.

Once you have requested to join the parish you will receive a formal registration form in the mail.  Online registrations are processed within two days and you are then in the parish database. The paper form you receive in the mail provides additional information which is used for statistical analysis of the makeup of the parish.  Every few months there is a new member reception after the 5 p.m. Mass on Saturday night. It is a time to meet staff and other new members of the parish.  Being a member of the parish is more than going to Mass or being in a database. There is a section of the parish website that contains more information - click here

How do I get the Pastor to sign my form?

Currently with the Pastor being the only available person to sign documents it is wise to plan early if you need a form signed.

If you have a form that specifically needs the Pastor’s signature you may either bring it to the rectory at 403 Grandview Avenue, 15211 or you can mail it to the rectory and note on the envelope that it is for the Pastor’s signature. Do not put attention Fr. Michael as it may not get the immediate attention it requires.  Forms are signed daily by the Pastor when he is in the office.

When you drop off or send in your form, please indicate if you want it mailed back to you or if you will be picking it up. Forms which are signed but have no notation are kept in the receptionist office in the out box.   If the form you need signed is a sponsor letter, please reference the How do I get a sponsor letter? On this website.

how do i register for Children Family ministries?

To find our more information and to access the forms for regististering for faith formation: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Small Discipleship Groups for Children, and Small Discipleship Groups for Parents click here

How do I get something into the church bulletin?

SMOMP has a process for submitting information to be used in the church bulletin. Getting information into the church bulletin does not involve Father or the Office Manager. Please, do not call the rectory with information for the church bulletin.  Articles for the bulletin need to be relevant to the parish community.  If you would like to submit an article to the bulletin please use the following process:

  • Articles are to be in text format, either emails with exact text or an attached word document (no .pdf files, no power point, nothing that requires transformation
  • Use plain English text. Do not use: italic, bolding, ALL CAPS, under lining, …. …. between thoughts, and although cute, please no immogies. 
  • If you have a logo, please submit as a .jpeg. 
  • Do not submit copyrighted material.

Submit all articles to:  Deadline is NOON on the Tuesday prior to the Sunday bulletin (unless it is a holiday weekend).  If you have a recurring event, send the article and list the dates you would like to have it in the bulletin. Thank you for helping to keep our parish informed. 

How do i reserve a space for my ministry for a meeting or other purposes?

Please complete the following form and submit it to our Office Manager Sandy Crowley at  All the instructions are on the back of the form itself.  For the Facilities Request Form click here

How do i request budgeted funds for my ministry?

If you are in a parish ministry that has requested and is responsible for funds, and would like to access them, please follow this policy-proceedure and use the following forms:

All Forms are to be submitted to our Office Manager Sandy Crowley at or delivered to the parish offices.

how do i request an interpreter for events that include the deaf community?

For parish organizations and ministries that include the Deaf Community, an interpreter will need to be scheduled.  Please note this is for parish organizations only; all other groups should contact Hearing and Deaf Services to schedule an interpreter.  Parish organizations click here

How do i schedule an wedding anniversary blessing and/or renewal of vows?

Oftentimes we have requests for celebrations when couples reach milestones – 5, 10, 25, 50th wedding anniversaries.  In that case, we are pleased to offer two opportunities to celebrate your anniversary.  If you are celebrating your anniversary and would like to renew your vows in our church, please notify us at least 3 months in advance of your request.  Our parish priests will assist with your vow renewal, depending on their schedule and availability.  In these cases, we encourage you and your loved ones to celebrate Mass with our community on Saturday evenings or Sunday Mornings.  Immediately after Mass is concluded, one of our parish priests will provide a special blessing for the couple, as well as vow renewals (if desired). The couple and their family are free to take photos in the church afterwards as well.  Wedding Anniversary Blessings and Renewals can be initiated by reaching out to our office at 412-381-0212 or our wedding office, 412-381-0212 x. 103 at least 3 months in advance.