Our Parish History

Current Church Opening Date: 1897

Located: Grandview Avenue, Mt. Washington

Parish History

Saint Mary of the Mount was established in 1873 as a mission church of St. Malachy on the South Side.  In 1877 Saint Mary of the Mount became a parish with boundaries extending from Grandview Avenue to Warrington  Avenue. The original Church was a  wooden structure built at the corner of Kearsarge and Belonda Streets. The current Church was begun in 1891. It was designed by Frederick Sauer in Gothic architectural style. The Church was dedicated on December 19, 1897. 

Saint Mary on the Mount has grown as a parish and has also declined with the economic fortunes of the City of Pittsburgh. Due to large population growth in Mt. Washington at the beginning of the twentieth century a  portion of Saint Mary’s original parish became St. Justin the Martyr Parish in 1917. Beginning in the 1970’s Pittsburgh experienced a tremendous loss of population. By 2010 it was evident to the pastors of both Mt Washington Parishes that the need existed for only one. After input from both parishes and a decision by the Diocese, the Mt. Washington Churches again became one parish located at Saint Mary of the Mount Church.

Saint Mary of the Mount Parish is called to be “a beacon of God’s Light…striving to live the Gospel by loving and serving God and our neighbor.”  Saint Mary of the Mount has experienced a resurgence in growth in recent years. Many families from the closed Hilltop Churches have joined the parish. There is also new growth coming from young families and urban professionals. Saint Mary of the Mount continues to welcome all visitors, tourists and anyone wishing to experience and grow in God’s love.