Holy Orders - Ordination

Men prostrate themselves before being ordained priest

"He who hears you, hears Me"
Luke 10:16

Ordination or Holy Orders is the sacrament of the continuation of Christ's priesthood, which he bestowed upon his apostles; as Jesus sent his Apostles out into the world to continue his ministry, he calls men of all ages to serve the church as He did.

Priests serve the community in various ways. They may be called to serve in their dioceses or as religious order priests, carrying out the mission of a particular religious community. They preside at liturgies, preach, administer the sacraments, counsel people, serve as pastors, and teach.

Deacons help and serve bishops by serving the needs of the Church, proclaiming the gospel, teaching and preaching, baptizing, witnessing marriages, and assisting the priest as celebrant at liturgies.

Deacons are ordained for service in the Church. There are deacons who are studying to become priests. There are deacons that include married men who are called to remain deacons for life and to serve the Church in this capacity.

If men are interested in exploring the priesthood or deaconate, see the website for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, click here