Welcome to those from St. John Vianney

with the Closure of Saint John Vianney Parish and its division into the 3 Neighboring Parishes, Saint Mary of the Mount has the blessing of being one of the receiving parishes

Welcome, welcome, welcome! To those of you who are joining us after the closer of St. John Vianney Parish, we hope and pray you feel welcome and comfortable as you enter into this community. You may be grieving, angry, happy, or indifferent – come as you are. Some of you may have received a letter because you were within the new parish “territory.” Some of you may not have, because you weren't in that “territory.” Please know all of you are welcome. Please also know that just because you may have received a letter, does not mean you are officially registered. That is something that is up to each individual and family. If you do chose to officially join.  For more information about joining - click here

For all of us who have been here at St. Mary of the Mount for many years or just a short period of time, please do your best to extend a warm and comforting welcome. Three years ago many of us went through the experience of the consolidation of St. Justin and the Catholic Deaf Community into a new St. Mary of the Mount Parish. We have experienced the struggle and loss, as well as the hope and new life, which can come because of closure of a Parish and a church. As we receive these new members, please know that we as the Body of Christ are now a bit different. Together we will embrace the call for ministry and mission in our communities of Pittsburgh.

As we together celebrate the Paschal Mystery and Easter, we too are part of Christ’s death and resurrection!   He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia! 

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