Sexual Abuse links

Below are a few suggested links as we struggle to understand sexual abuse in the church, our families and society, as well as pray and discuss what to do next:

Articles, Letters, and Statements:

  • Letter to the People of God - Pope Francis - click here
  • Involving Laity and the Vatican - USCCB - click here
  • The Virtues of Catholic Anger - Rev. James Martin click here
  • Five things you need to know about sexual abuse in the church - Nicholas Cafardi - click here
  • Clericalism - the culture that enables abuse - Cindy Wooden - click here
  • Insights into sexual abuse have evolved - John Nelson - click here
  • End of the Imperial Episcopate - First Things - Jay Scott Newman - click here
  • Grand Jury Report, Diocesan Response, etc. on the Diocese of Pittsburgh website - click here
  • National Review Board calls for Lay oversight - click here
  • Four things the Church must do to respond - Fr. Thomas Reese - click here
  • Five Myths about Sexual Assault - BBC - click here
  • November statement to the US Bishops prior to their General Assembly - click here

Fr. Michael's Homilies:

  • Preparing for the release of the Grand Jury Report - 3 things we can all do to address child abuse in our church, families and society (18th Sunday in Ordnary Time) - click here
  • Church's response to Abuse - We need reponse beyond the institutional response (20th Sunday in Ordinary Time) - click here
  • Need for communal lament, prayer & penance, and discussion among they laity about what needs to change (21st Sunday in Ordinary Time) - click here


  • Fr. Richard Rohr - Lamentation and reflection on power and celebacy in the Church - click here 
  • Bishop Robert Barron Interview - click here