New means of Parishioner communication! How many times have you said to yourself “I just wish I new about something earlier” or “why wasn’t I included in im- portant information”? What if you were able to know that a road was closed due to inclement weather or for some reason Mass had to be canceled? Better yet if there was important and timely information that you needed to receive from the Parish but did not receive it?  Well SMM/POP will soon be introducing a communication technology called FLOCKNOTE (  It is a communications platform that allows real time information to be delivered to you via text or e mail. Given all that is occurring with the On-Mission initiative as well as our Parish Grouping, having the ability to keep you readily informed is very important.

Why is SMM/POP doing this? The Parish wants to communicate more easily and effectively with you while at the same time being able to receive your feedback. Using FLOCKNOTE allows the Parish to easily send you information that will be important to you. This will be done either thru text or e mail. This will enable you to provide immediate feedback.

Am I “in for good” if I sign up? No, you can opt out at any time. The service is FREE to you and you can decide to no longer participate at any time. To discontinue you simply go to and enter SMMPOP. There you simply scroll to the icon for unsubscribe and this will do it.

Is my information secure? Yes, all information is transmitted across an encrypted internet connection. All the information is stored in a secure database. The information is never ever shared. For more information in this regard go to

What if I don’t have the capability to text? You can still sign up provided you have an email address and creating a login.  

How do I sign up? You can text the Church key SMMPOP to 84576.   Your information will be immediately entered into the Parish database.  You will receive a message indicating thank you for connecting.   Click to complete sign up and you will see a blue colored link that you click on. You can also sign up by entering your email address by going to  Pending the way you signed in, you will get a verification code either sent to your phone or email. You will then be prompted to verify your email address or mobile number. Complete the profile by choosing a group. It is suggested you choose the group for administrative updates, as this group is the most functional at the present time. Others will be functional over time and you will be so notified. You are then finished!

Who is using FLOCKNOTE? There are over 1000 Parishes using this innovative communications technology. Here in Western, PA there are over thirty Parishes using it. Speaking with folks from several of the Parish’s’ Administrations as well as their Parishioners there was an overwhelming positive response on how much timely and responsive communication has become.