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August 28, 2016

Anonymous, Well Maybe

Since my last three columns are all planned out, while cleaning out my office and packing up, I found these letters (anonymous of course) in my desk and decided to respond.  I wonder how many Michael has received?  So with all the compassion, kindness, brotherly love I can muster to someone I don't know, I offer you these...

“Fr. Walt, I think it's disgraceful the way you walk into church with a cup of coffee in your hands.                                                --Signed-- unsigned

Dear Tea Drinker, It's easier than dragging an intravenous bottle hooked up to a stand up all those stairs, making all that noise.   And think how tough it would be for me to give out communion.

“Fr. Walt, why can't we have a 4:00 mass on Saturday?

Fr. Walt, why can't we have a 4:30 mass on Saturday?

Fr. Walt, why can't we have a 6:00 mass on Saturday?”


Dear See the Big Picture Person,  After September 18th, Fr. Michael will meet with all the other priests here at St.  Mary of the Mount to see what they think.  They're probably just sitting around drinking coffee anyway.  They'll take a vote to add another Saturday night mass and the vote will probably be ah...1-0.

“Dear Fr. Walt, Why does Mass have to be more than one hour?”


Dear Mr. or Mrs. Speedy Gonzales,  In the bible it talks about tithing—giving ten percent of anything to God.  The average Catholic gives 2.1 % of their income to their parish, which is fine.  Tell you what.  If you can give me proof that you do not watch more than ten hours of TV per week, if you do not talk on the phone for more than ten hours per week, or spend more than ten hours on your computer per week, I'll make sure Fr. Michael has the Eucharist out in under sixty minutes.

“Fr. Walt, Why do you print and answer letters from people who don't sign their name?”

                                 --Signed--Fr. Walt

Dear dedicated, hard working, moving preacher, trustee of parish goods, mentor of a great young pastor, priest who has baptized, married and buried everyone, even the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel of Mt. Washington for twenty-three years, who believes in the axiom “It's mercy I desire and not sacrifice.” I print them to let people see what kind of letters Michael and I get.  And I was having trouble coming up with something for my column this week.

“Fr. Rydzon,   Are these letters real?”

                                  --Signed--Anonymous Bishop whose last name starts with a Z

Dear AB wlnswZ,  Even if they would not be, what are you going to do?  Fire me?



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