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August 14, 2016

Score Keeping at the Olympics and in Life

Notes I wrote to myself then lost, then found when looking under the cushions of my couch for money to buy more bubble wrap to surround my statue of John Wayne so nothing happens to “The Duke” during my move…

Yes, I’ve been watching the Olympics, but nothing has happened to change my mind that any contest that involves judging is not a sport.  It is an exhibition of great athletics, great skills.  But as long as politics can enter into the final results, it is only an exhibition since a winner cannot absolutely be determined without prejudice.  Remember the days of The Cold War?  Nine of ten judges would give the American Athlete a 9.7 and the Russian judge would award a 4.6.  I felt the same way watching the gymnastic competition and diving.   How can you tell?  And you lose by .03 of a point?

My niece has been teaching for ten years now.  She’s a good, dedicated teacher. (I know bias is a part of this commentary, but read on)  The first time she called me to cry that one of her kids was homeless and asked me what to do, I did my best to offer her “fatherly” advise.  She was nominated as “Teacher of the Year” in the Woodbridge, VA area school district just five years out, teaching a class of twenty-five, whose main language is not English.  She took an accelerated Spanish course to teach.  Now teaching in one of the worst and poorest districts in Charlotte, NC, she is thinking of getting out of teaching.  She still loves teaching, but the politics is getting to her.  Because of the new rules of gender discrimination, this coming school term she is NOT allowed to address her third grade by term “girls” or “boys” but must use only the terms “students” or…get ready for this…”scholars.” 

Just loved seeing the photos of the young people from the diocese of Pittsburgh who went to World Youth Day in Poland.   Bishop Zubik went with them.  What a difference a couple of generations makes in their involvement in the Church, huh?  Poland, Australia, Rio were some of the places kids got to go for some of the last WYD’s.  When I was as old as them, because in truth, I was never their age, with all they have witnessed and experienced, all I got to do was sell pop, coffee and specials at the parish bingo hall, and come home reeking of cigarette smoke.  More power to ‘em.  Because of you and other young folks there from all over the world, grow and make the world a better place.  And pray Pope Francis gets over his sciatic problems.  Papa Francis, whatever you do, do NOT binge watch seasons 5 and 6 of “Game of Thrones” on a bad couch.  Trust me, only bad things will happen to your sciatica.

Drove to Florida and back this week to move half my stuff.  Want to thank the Type A’s who packed up my office and some of my house and then packed my vehicle with that stuff.  You need Type A’s in your life.  They packed my car tighter than some of your wallets.  I was tucked into my car tighter than Hannibal Lecter on that gurney.

At least I had room to offer my car rosary for you, but I couldn’t lift up the cross to bless myself.


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