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July 24, 2016

Who / What is Sam Hill?

Notes I wrote to myself then lost, then found when looking under the cushions of my couch for money to pay some twenty something to explain to me what the Sam Hill the new Pokémon thing is about…

I know people who don’t watch the news or read newspapers because the news is all bad. They think that by ignoring it the problem will go away, but all they do is become more inclined to anger and depression. I have news for them. There are more good people out there than bad folks. I see them more than they do. I experience them more than they do. They just don’t make the newspapers. Did you see the article in the Pittsburgh Catholic about the number of kids from the diocese going to World Youth Day? Have you ever seen the gifts and homemade items that people from our parish take to nursing homes and the shut-ins? I thought the item in the paper about the Homestead Police buying breakfast for the guy and girl who would not sit next to them at an Eat n Park was another example of a simple act of kindness. These folks are everywhere, they just don’t warrant “Breaking news….”

Michael violated Rule # 1 of vacation: He e mailed me from the beach. I violated Rule # 2: I replied. My theory is it takes three to four days to decompress from all the stress, so he didn’t know what he was doing. By Thursday I expected him to be more dug in and out of touch than most Cardinals around the world.

I always tell people SMOM is “The Second hottest church in the diocese.” To which folks ask “Which place is Number One?” Usually I reply “I don’t know, but I’m praying there’s one hotter than us just to give me hope.” Well, we have a winner: St. Stanislaus in the Strip. I had a wedding there last Saturday. It was so hot I was sweating more than some professional athletes waiting the results of a paternity test, and when I came out of church a football team came up to me to complain about a call. When I asked why they were asking me one lineman said “With the black and white stripes on your shirt we thought you were the head referee.”

Beach churches. Why do they always take up a second collection? Hey, I’m at your place to give praise to God, to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, and to give thanks for God’s blessings to me. Because of that I will put a most generous offering in your FIRST collection. Just because I’m a tourist, why are you gouging me for a second run at my wallet or purse? This “Catholic Guilt” thing is dying with the coming of Pope Francis, thankfully.

Car rosaries. Wonder if people still pray them together on long trips? It wouldn’t hurt. The world needs something.


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